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You Are Loading Your Firearm Steps ?

  1. Identify the type of ammunition you will be using and ensure it is clean and dry.
  2. With your firearm unloaded, check the barrel to ensure there are no obstructions. This can be done by pulling back on the slide and looking down the barrel to see if anything is stuck inside.
  3. Load a magazine with ammunition of your choice, making sure to keep fingers away from the magazine release button or other trigger safety mechanisms until ready for use.
  4. Insert the loaded magazine into the magazine well at an angle, then push down until it clicks into place.
  5. Make sure your finger is off the trigger, then pull back on the slide until it locks open or all rounds are ejected from the chamber (depending on whether you are using a semi-automatic or manual action).
  6. If you have an automatic firearm with a detachable magazine (like an AR-15), cycle through each round in the chamber by manually squeezing off rounds until no more come out, then repeat steps 4 and 5 again to make sure there are no rounds left in the chamber or magazine (if one does not eject properly, stop at that point and clear before proceeding).
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Last modified: September 5, 2022