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Work Is Worship Meaning ?

Work is worship. Work is not just a means to earn money and fill your stomach. Work is more than that. Work is worship.

Work is worship because work expands the mind and body in many ways. Every single activity we do is done to satisfy our needs or wants; whether it be eating, sleeping, drinking, or enjoying time with friends and family. All of these actions are done because they fulfill us in some way; they bring us satisfaction and happiness.

Work also provides us with an opportunity to serve others by providing them with goods or services that they might need or want. This helps them become happier as well! When we help others, we are showing them love through service which in turn makes us feel good about ourselves as well! But most importantly, when we work hard at something we are doing it because it brings glory to God, who created everything including us!

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Last modified: August 9, 2022