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Why Would My Doctor Call Me After An Ultrasound ?

When you have an ultrasound, your doctor may call you afterward to discuss the results. This may be a routine call or the doctor may want to schedule an appointment with you to discuss them in person.

The reason for the phone call varies depending on the type of ultrasound and what was found during the test. The most common reasons for a phone call after an ultrasound include:

A follow-up appointment is required. For example, if you had a pelvic exam or transvaginal ultrasound, your doctor may want to see you again to discuss your results further. The doctor might also recommend that you schedule another test if they found something unusual on the first one that needs further investigation. This could include another ultrasound or other diagnostic tests such as blood tests or imaging (such as CT scans).

The results are abnormal but don’t require immediate attention. This could include finding small cysts in breast tissue (which are common) or abnormal changes in liver function that don’t require treatment at this time but should be monitored closely over time (such as chronic hepatitis).

You need more information before making decisions about treatment options. For example, if your doctor finds a possible abnormality in your prostate gland during a transrectal ultrasound, he may want to consult with other doctors.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022