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Why Is My Rpm At 1 When Parked?

The first thing to check is whether you are in park or not. If you are not, the transmission will continue to shift through all gears until it reaches neutral. This is normal and safe, but it’s not what you want if the car won’t accelerate when you start it.

If you are in park, then the problem is likely a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, including loose hoses or clogged components. A mechanic should be able to locate the source of any vacuum leak and repair it quickly.

If your car has an automatic transmission, there may also be a problem with your idle air control valve (IAC). This is a small motor that controls how much air gets into the engine during idle speed (when stopped). The IAC might have become dirty over time, which causes it to malfunction. A mechanic can replace this part and solve this issue quickly.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022