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Why Is My Hair Stiff ?

When you use too much product, or if the product is old, it can make your hair stiff and sticky. If your hair is wet, try using less styling product and combing it through with a wide-toothed comb.

If your hair is dry, try washing it with a clarifying shampoo to remove all of the styling product buildup. If that doesn’t work, try using an anti-frizz serum on damp hair instead of styling products.

If you’re still having problems with stiff or sticky hair, try applying heat to your hair before using any products. Heat helps distribute ingredients evenly throughout the hair shaft so they won’t build up as much.

If your problem persists even after following these tips, then consider switching shampoos and conditioners regularly to avoid buildup from occurring in the first place.

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Last modified: August 17, 2022