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Why Is My Hair Crispy After Washing ?

You may be experiencing a dry scalp. This can happen when you don’t use the right products to cleanse your hair and, in turn, your scalp.

The main culprits of a dry, itchy scalp are detergents and sulfates in shampoos and conditioners. These ingredients strip the natural oils from your scalp and leave it exposed to the elements. Without oil, your skin loses moisture and becomes flaky — not to mention itchy!

If you’ve been using conventional products for years without any problems, chances are you’re not allergic to them (unless they contain fragrance). So why are they suddenly causing trouble? The answer lies in what’s going on with your body at this time. For example:

  • You’ve recently started taking hormones or birth control pills (especially if they include synthetic progestins). These can cause an increase in sebum production that leads to a buildup of dirt and dead skin cells on your scalp — which is what makes it look dull and greasy instead of shiny and healthy!
  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding (pregnancy acne tends to get worse around week 12-16 due to increased hormone levels). This can cause an increase
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Last modified: September 5, 2022