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Why Is My Ex Lying About Having A Boyfriend?

Why is my ex lying about having a boyfriend? This is a question that many women ask when their exes try to get back together with them. It may seem like an innocent thing to lie about, but this action could mean that your ex has longer-term intentions.

When you were the couple, you probably had a lot of friends in common. This person may have been a mutual friend or an acquaintance of both of you. Your ex could have been using this person as a way to get back into your life. Once they started spending time with them, they may have been able to rekindle feelings for each other again.

Even if they don’t have feelings for you anymore, they might be trying to use this person as leverage against you so that they can get what they want out of the relationship — namely, getting back together with you or staying friends after the breakup.

If your ex lied about having a boyfriend or girlfriend just before or during the breakup and then suddenly claims not to have one anymore, it’s likely that they’re trying to manipulate you into believing them so that they can continue seeing each other behind your back — which is something that.

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Last modified: October 25, 2022