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Why is My Dominant Arm Smaller ?

The muscles in your dominant arm are probably bigger because you use them more.

The dominant arm is the one you use most often. That’s why it’s called dominant — because it dominates over the other arm. It’s no surprise that it’s usually stronger than the other arm and has more muscle mass.

The reason for this dominance is because of something called “muscle memory.” When you do something over and over again, your brain remembers how to do it, even if you’re not thinking about it. So when you throw a ball or write with your right hand, your brain sends signals to your muscles on how to perform the action. Over time, those signals become automatic and don’t take any effort at all — your brain performs these actions without even thinking about them anymore.

It takes about two weeks for muscle memory to develop fully, which is why people often find that their dominant hand feels stiff after a long break from writing or playing video games (which require fine motor skills). After two weeks without using that muscle group, you’ll need some time to “warm up” before performing certain tasks with ease again.

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Last modified: August 14, 2022