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Why Is My Cat Chewing On Metal ?

Cats chew on everything, from their own fur to furniture. It’s a normal cat behavior, but when you find your cat chewing metal, it can be concerning. While not all cats who chew on metal do so for the same reasons, there are some common reasons why cats might be attracted to metal and what you can do about it.

Metal and Toxicity

Most people think that metal is toxic for cats, but many veterinarians have determined that it is not as dangerous as some people believe. In fact, some veterinarians believe that the taste of metal could actually be pleasant to a cat and may even encourage them to eat other things made of metal. However, there are still certain metals that should never be consumed by a cat.

The most common reason why cats may chew on metal is because they like its taste or texture — especially if they’ve eaten something else with a similar taste or texture in the past. If you notice your cat chewing on metal objects regularly, try removing any potential sources of this type of material from their environment (such as canned food cans).

Another possible reason for why your cat might be chewing on metal objects is if they’re teething or bored and looking for something interesting to do with their mouth.

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Last modified: September 5, 2022