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Why Is My Cat Afraid To Go Outside?

Cats are naturally curious and adventurous. They will often explore their surroundings on their own, but sometimes they can become afraid of going outside. Cats may be afraid of the outside because they have never been there before or they may have had a bad experience with something in the past.

When you bring a new cat into your home, make sure that you allow it to get used to its new surroundings at its own pace. Do not force the cat out of its comfort zone by making it go outside if it does not want to. Instead make sure that you give your cat plenty of time to adjust and become comfortable with everything in its new home before taking any further steps towards getting them outdoors.

If your cat has never gone outside before, then try taking them out slowly over time so that they get used to everything surrounding them. Begin by taking them out for short periods of time and gradually increase these periods until they can go out for longer periods at a time without becoming too afraid or stressed out over what is going on around them.

This process can take awhile but it will help your cat become more comfortable with being outdoors so that eventually they will be able to spend entire days outside without having an anxiety attack or feeling like they need to run back inside immediately after stepping.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022