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Why Is My Car Swaying On The Highway ?

A car that is swaying on the highway may be due to one of several different things. First, you must determine if your car is actually swaying or if it is just a feeling. If you are swerving back and forth, then there is a problem with your vehicle. If you do not have this issue, then you will need to check your tires for air pressure.

If you have low tire pressure, this can cause the vehicle to sway when driving at high speeds. Air pressure in tires has been known to decrease when driving over certain surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

Another reason why your car may be swaying on the highway is because of improper alignment of the wheels. This causes the vehicle to move from side to side while driving. The alignment may be off because of potholes or uneven terrain which causes the wheels to become misaligned with each other or even worse, it could be a problem with the suspension system itself which needs repair immediately before further damage occurs.

Lastly, an issue with your vehicle’s shifting mechanism might also cause a vehicle to swerve back and forth while driving down the road at high speeds, especially if it’s an older model car where these types of problems tend to occur more often than newer models.

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Last modified: August 12, 2022