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Why is HP Zbooks so expensive?

HP Zbooks are expensive because they’re built for a niche market. HP’s Zbook line is aimed at professionals who need a laptop that can handle graphics or video editing, or other tasks where a lot of processing power is needed.

The Zbooks come with Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards, which are some of the most powerful available right now. They also come with an optional Wacom tablet, which means you can draw on them like they were drawing pads — something you can’t do on most other laptops.

The Zbooks aren’t just expensive because they’re powerful; they’re also expensive because they’re made to last. The company says it wants its laptops to last more than 10 years, so it uses more durable materials and parts like metal hinges instead of plastic ones, which tend to break down over time.

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Last modified: August 11, 2022