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Why Is Family Feud Black Vs White ?

Family Feud is an American game show in which two families compete to name the most popular responses to a survey question. The show’s popularity has spawned many other shows with the same format, including several that are international adaptations as well as unconnected, non-competing shows.

The first version of the show debuted in 1976 on ABC, hosted by Richard Dawson, who remained in that role until 1985. In 1988 and 1989, a syndicated revival of the show aired in primetime under the title Family Feud Challenge; this version was hosted by Ray Combs and had Johnny Olson returning as the announcer.

The current syndicated version, hosted by Louie Anderson since 2017, features John O’Hurley from 2002-2016 and Steve Harvey from 2004-2016. The show has also spawned a British series hosted by Angus Deayton from 1994-1995. The U.S. version has spawned multiple derivative versions that have aired in other countries such as Australia (hosted by Grant Denyer), Canada (hosted by Ron MacLean), China (hosted by Wang Ping), Italy (hosted by Gerry Scotti), Norway (hosted by Ole Brumm), Pakistan (hosted by Moin Akhtar), Philippines.

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Last modified: August 1, 2022