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Why Dont Pornstars Get Pregnant?

Porn stars have to have lots of sex, and they have to be able to do it on command, with whomever they’re told, and in whatever position they’re told. They need to be able to do it with no contraception, because pregnancy would mean the end of their career.

So there are a few things that can happen:

1) She’s on the pill or has had a coil fitted. This is pretty risky too – if you’ve got an implant or a coil in place, you can still get pregnant if it comes out or stops working properly. And if she’s taking the pill every day without missing any days off, then her body doesn’t get used to having the hormones coming through regularly anymore, so when she does stop taking them she’ll probably get a period anyway.

2) He’s wearing a condom (or using some other form of protection like dental dams). This is safer than nothing but isn’t 100% reliable either – accidents happen! And they might not always be using condoms… even if they are, sometimes those condoms might split or come off during sex (which is why we tell people not to rely on condoms alone).

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Last modified: October 12, 2022