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Why Don’t Dogs Like When You Blow In Their Face ?

When you blow in a dog’s face, you are blowing your breath directly into their nostrils. The scent of your breath is very strong and can be overwhelming to a dog. The scent of your breath tells them a lot about your health (or lack thereof). The scent of your breath also tells the dog how well you’ve been taking care of yourself lately (i.e., have you been eating healthy foods or smoking cigarettes recently?).

Dogs don’t like it when people put their faces near theirs because it means that we’re going to touch them with our hands or arms and possibly try to pick them up — both of which are things dogs don’t like at all! Dogs dislike being picked up because it makes them feel helpless and vulnerable; they want to be able to get away if someone tries to hurt them by grabbing them by the back legs or lifting them off the ground without warning.

Some dogs will react defensively by growling, barking or biting when someone tries to pick them up by their tails or ears; some dogs will run away from anyone who tries this kind of handling; and some dogs will simply freeze up when someone.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022