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Why Does My Skin Sparkle?

There are a few reasons why your face may be sparkling in the sunlight. The most common is that you have a fine layer of talcum powder, or a similar substance, on your face. This is especially common if you’ve just put on makeup or lotion and haven’t wiped it all off yet.

Another possibility is that you have some kind of oil on your face. Oils can make your skin look shiny, but they also tend to reflect light. If this happens in bright sunlight or other strong light sources, it will give the appearance of sparks flying from your skin.

Finally, if you’re sweating heavily, it’s possible that your sweat glands are producing enough moisture to make them visible through the pores in your skin surface. This is most likely if you’ve been exercising recently or otherwise had a physical workout that caused sweating.

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Last modified: October 28, 2022