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Why Does My Dog Like My Boyfriend More Than Me?

If your dog just loves your boyfriend but not you, it could be because they are more comfortable with him.

Dogs can sometimes find it hard to adjust to a new person in their home and so may take time to warm up to them. They may also be more likely to show affection towards someone who comes into their home regularly and has been there for a while.

Your dog may also have an attachment to your boyfriend because he spends more time at home than you do, so he is around more often and therefore gets more attention from the dog.

If your dog does not like you as much as your partner then this could be down to many factors. Dogs can be jealous if they feel that their owner is favouring someone else over them, or if they feel that they are being ignored. A dog will feel secure when they know that they are loved by their owner, even if they don’t get as much attention as other people in the house – this is why it’s important not to ignore them too much!

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Last modified: November 5, 2022