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Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Him Eat?

Cats are quite smart, and they know how to get their way. If you’re watching your cat eat, he may think that he can get you to do the same thing for him.

A cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, and they help cats determine if they can fit into small spaces. If a cat doesn’t have enough room to eat comfortably, he may want you to watch him eat so that he knows how much space is available to him.

If your cat is watching you while eating, it’s possible that he wants attention from you. His begging behavior may be an attempt to get some attention from you because he thinks that if he watches you eat, then maybe you’ll give him some food too!

Some cats will also stare at their owners while eating because they want to make sure that the food isn’t gone yet so there’s still some left for them!

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Last modified: November 1, 2022