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Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Bed ?

Cats are naturally very curious animals, and they love to explore new places. This is why you’ll often find your cat hiding under the bed. It’s a great place for him to hide and sleep, but it can also be a place where he feels safe and secure.

To understand why cats like to sleep under beds, let’s first look at some of their basic characteristics.

Cats are very territorial animals and they need to feel safe in order to rest comfortably. They also want to be close to their food source, which in most cases is you!

Some cats enjoy being near the litter box, while others prefer having their own space where they can do their business without feeling crowded by other cats or dogs that might share your home with them. Your cat may choose one of these spots or both if he happens upon an area that meets both his needs for privacy and security.

A bed is also a good spot because it gives him access to warmth from below as well as from above. Beds can be made from anything from blankets on top of cardboard boxes to expensive mattresses covered with plush comforters — basically anything that’s soft enough for a cat.

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Last modified: September 4, 2022