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Why Does My Cat Like The Shower ?

I’m beginning to think that my cat is a bit of an oddball. She has been getting up on the counter for at least a year now, and she has no problems with jumping up there. I’ve trained her not to jump up on the kitchen table and other places where she shouldn’t be so that she doesn’t get hurt, but she still tries to get up on the countertop.

She also loves water, which I have seen other cats do as well, but that’s another story. My cat will stand in front of my sink or bathtub if I am using water in it. She loves to watch me shower or wash dishes and then when I am done using the sink or tub, she gets a drink from it! It’s kind of funny because when I see her doing this, I always ask myself why does my cat like the shower? And then I think about how cute she looks standing there next to a running faucet with her head tilted to one side while she drinks from it!

So why does my cat like the shower? Well…I guess because it’s fun! She also likes just hanging out in there with me when you’re not taking one yourself – like if you’re just sitting down for a few minutes before.

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Last modified: August 12, 2022