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Why Does My Cat Climb On My Back?

Cats are territorial creatures, and they like to claim their territory as their own. Therefore, they will mark the area with their scent. The best way to do this is through rubbing against objects in the house. When you walk into your home after being away, your cat may rub up against your legs or jump on top of you, because it is a way for them to claim you as part of their territory.

Cats also like to climb on things, and most cats love climbing up high. The higher up a cat can be when he’s sleeping or playing, the better it is for him. The back is a great place for him to rest because it offers him protection from other animals and even humans who might try to pick him up off his perch! It also provides an excellent vantage point from which he can survey his surroundings and make sure everything is safe before going back down again.

If you’re trying to get your cat off your back by pushing him down or shaking him off, don’t bother; this will only encourage him to try again later once he’s gotten used to the idea that there’s something worth climbing on there! Instead, try gently picking him up off your back (or whatever other object he’s chosen) while saying “no”.

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Last modified: September 20, 2022