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Why Do We Know So Little About Primitive Tribes?

The answer is that these tribes are not primitive at all. They are just as intelligent, if not more intelligent than the rest of us, but they live in a way that has been practiced for thousands of years. These people have found ways to live in harmony with their environment, and they live with a minimum impact on the land.

The reason why we don’t know much about them is because they don’t want to be known. They live in remote areas where there are no roads and no way to get there except by boat or plane. The reason why we don’t hear much about them is because they don’t want us to hear about them!

If you look at history books or read about explorers who went into these places, you’ll find that most of them were killed by the natives before they could tell anyone else about what they had seen or done there.

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Last modified: October 11, 2022