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Why Do Lean Agile Leaders Try To Connect The Silos?

To give you some context, I’ll share my experience with a product development team in a large corporation. The team had been given some requirements from the marketing and sales teams and they were working on building a product to meet those requirements.

But when we started talking about it, I realized that the team had a lot of questions about those requirements. They wanted to make sure they fully understood what was needed before they started building anything.

I thought this was great! It showed me that they were thinking critically about what they were doing and trying to ensure that they were building something that would actually be useful to customers — not just fulfilling someone’s request blindly because it sounded like an interesting challenge or because it would earn us brownie points with management.

And I certainly didn’t want them building something just because it sounded fun; I wanted them building something because it would improve our product line and provide value for customers!

So we went back and forth for a little while trying to figure out what exactly was needed here — until finally one of our engineers said something along these lines.

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Last modified: October 28, 2022