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Why Do Guys Like Cars?

Guys like cars because they’re big, loud and fast. They’re machines that require maintenance and are capable of causing damage. They’re often expensive and can be an extension of their owners’ personalities.

Cars represent freedom (even if we’re not driving them). We can go anywhere we want, whenever we want. But men also like cars because they can get away from it all in a car.

Men have always been fascinated with cars and other vehicles that move us from place to place. That’s because they are powerful machines capable of doing things that humans can’t do on their own — like crossing bridges or driving at high speeds on freeways or highways.

And men love speed! It’s hard-wired into our genes because it makes us feel more alive than walking or even riding a bicycle does. When you drive fast, your heart rate increases, which gives you more energy to do whatever it is you want to do next (like play football).

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Last modified: September 7, 2022