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Why Do Grass Clippings Get Hot?

The answer to the question “Why do grass clippings get hot?” might be surprising. It’s not because of the amount or type of grass you have, or the size of your lawn. It’s because of how you mow it.

Grass clippings are made up of three things: dead leaves, live leaves and stems. When you mow your lawn, you are basically cutting off the top part of your grass. The top part is where most of the plant’s energy comes from, so when you cut it off, that energy has to go somewhere else. And where does all that energy go? Into heat!

Grass clippings actually get hot enough to cause burns if they land on bare skin or clothing. And if they land on a hot surface (like your driveway), they can start a fire! So next time you see some grass clippings lying around, maybe don’t step on them with bare feet or put them in your pocket!

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Last modified: September 20, 2022