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Why Do Gibson Headstocks Break ?

Headstock breakage is an unfortunate fact of life. It can happen to anyone, even the pros.

Gibson’s newest models have a headstock that is designed to fail. The design makes it easier to fix on site, but can be annoying if you’re trying to repair one in the shop.

The problem comes from the large “dog ear” at the top of the headstock. This is where the strings pass through on their way from the tuning machines to the nut at the bottom of the neck.

When you tune your guitar, this area becomes very stressed as you stretch and loosen each string before tuning it up or down (especially when tuning down). If your strings are too loose or too tight, this stress may cause cracks or breaks in your headstock over time. It can also happen if you remove all six strings at once, or if someone jumps up on stage and steps on your guitar!

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Last modified: August 14, 2022