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Why do expensive clothes look better?

Why do expensive clothes look better?

The short answer is that expensive clothes are made of better materials and with more attention to detail. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Better fabrics. Fabrics are graded by their durability and quality, which determines how much wear they can take and how long they will last before pilling, fading or fraying. The more durable a fabric is, the longer it will look good on you — which means it’s worth paying more for.
  2. Better tailoring and construction. There’s nothing like an expertly tailored suit or dress to make you look amazing. A poorly fitting garment can ruin an outfit; a well-tailored one will make you look like a million dollars — no matter what the price tag says!
  3. Details matter — even small ones can make a huge difference in how your clothing fits together as an ensemble and how it looks on you as an individual. The same goes for shoes — there’s nothing worse than seeing a pair of $500 heels with mismatched laces or scuffed soles!
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Last modified: August 3, 2022