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Why Do Cows Wear Bells around Their Necks?

The purpose of cowbells is to help identify a cow’s owner in the event that the animal becomes lost. Cows are also known for their ability to find their way home, so these bells help them do just that.

Cows have an amazing sense of smell, but they can’t see very well and they don’t hear very well either. When a farmer loses a cow, the animal often wanders around aimlessly until it winds up back home. The problem is, it may not be able to find its way back because it can’t see or hear where it came from.

The farmer could leave his phone number on the cow’s ear tag or tattooed on its side, but many farmers think this isn’t enough because other farmers may not recognize their number. A bell makes it easy for anyone to recognize who owns the cow should they come across one while wandering around lost in the fields.

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Last modified: October 29, 2022