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Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You?

Cats walk in front of you for a few reasons. First, cats are independent creatures and like to do things on their own terms. They may want to be petted when they feel like it and not before that.

Second, cats are extremely territorial animals and they will mark their territory by rubbing against furniture or other objects in the house. By walking in front of you, they show dominance over you and other pets in the household. This is especially true if they have been fed first or if they are allowed to eat first.

Third, cats walk in front of you because it’s easier for them than walking behind you. If your cat follows closely behind you, he may trip over his own feet or get tangled up in your feet as he tries to keep up with you. If he walks ahead of you instead, then he won’t have any problems at all!

Finally, cats walk in front of you because it makes them feel safer and more secure in their home environment. Your cat feels more comfortable when he keeps an eye on his surroundings so that he can see what’s going on around him at all times.

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Last modified: October 31, 2022