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Why Do Cats Hit You With Their Tail?

The tail is a very important part of a cat’s body language. When a cat wags its tail, it’s usually in a friendly mood. It may also be telling you that it wants to be petted or played with. But if your cat is striking out at you with its tail, this can mean something entirely different.

Why Do Cats Hit With Their Tail?

Cats use their tails for many things, including balance when jumping and moving around, as well as communication. Tail movements are often used as signals for “stop” or “back off.” If you’ve ever been hit on the hand with your cat’s tail while holding food or toys, this was probably an attempt by your kitty to tell you that she wanted the item back right away.

Most cats will also use their tails to swat at things they don’t like, such as when they detect the presence of another cat outside or even an insect flying by their heads. In these cases, they’re not trying to hurt you physically — they’re simply trying to scare off whatever they see as dangerous.

The same goes for when your cat strikes out at you with her tail: She’s not trying to harm you; she just wants something removed from her immediate vicinity right now!

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Last modified: October 14, 2022