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Why Do Cats Get Close To Your Face?

Cats are very curious and intelligent creatures, and they’re constantly on the prowl for something to do. They also love to explore new places, which is why they often find themselves in strange places. This is especially true when a cat sees you sitting down with your face close to the floor.

Cats have excellent vision and hearing, so they can see and hear things from a distance that you can’t. When they see you sitting with your head near the floor, they may think that there’s something interesting down there that they want to investigate.

If you’re sitting with your face close to the floor, perhaps grooming yourself or petting another animal, this can also make them curious because they don’t know what it is that you’re doing.

Some cats will even try to help out if they think that you need help with something! They may try to bat at items on the ground like strings or toys in an attempt to play with them or move them around for you.

Cats can be very playful animals who love having fun. If you’re sitting still for too long, your cat might decide that he needs some entertainment!

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Last modified: October 11, 2022