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Why Do Cats Cover Their Face?

A cat might cover its face when it’s in heat, but there are other reasons why a cat may do this.

The most common reason is that the cat is stressed or frightened and wants to hide, according to Animal Planet. If you have a new pet in the home or you’re doing something that scares your cat, it may cover its face as a way to protect itself.

It could also be trying to keep cool. When cats get overheated, they cover their faces with their paws and lie down on cool surfaces like tile or concrete. This helps them cool off quickly because they’re able to sweat through their paws, according to Vetinfo.com.

Sometimes cats cover their faces because of allergies or an ear infection. Their ears become irritated from excessive scratching or itching, which causes them to scratch excessively at their faces until they bleed. This can cause them to lick their paws and rub them against their faces until they are bleeding from all over (including from their mouths).

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Last modified: October 9, 2022