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Why did Rockstar rush GTA V?

The biggest question we have is why? Why did Rockstar rush GTA V? The game has been in development for over five years, and it feels like the developers were rushing to get it out before the PS4 and Xbox One came out.

It’s not like Rockstar hasn’t done this before. The company released Red Dead Redemption two years after Grand Theft Auto IV. In that time, they could have easily polished up GTA V and released it with a ton of new features.

There are still plenty of bugs that need to be fixed, such as the heist mission glitch. It’s pretty embarrassing when your game has a massive bug that prevents people from completing missions.

But most importantly, we need more content in GTA Online. There’s nothing wrong with having some bugs in an online multiplayer game — just ask Battlefield 4 — but Rockstar needs to address these issues quickly or people are going to stop playing their game forever.

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Last modified: August 7, 2022