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Why Did Annie Cry After Eren?

The scene in question is from Chapter 20 of Attack on Titan, when Annie and Eren are alone together in the forest.

Annie has been asking Eren about his past and his motivations for joining the Survey Corps, but he’s been evasive. Finally, she asks why he joined up at all and whether he plans to join up with the Military Police and become a good little cog in the machine. Eren tells her that he doesn’t have any future plans beyond becoming strong enough to kill Titans and save humanity.

Annie doesn’t seem to like this answer; she says that if that’s true, then there’s no point even talking to him anymore. She walks away from him toward her horse, but Eren grabs her arm and asks if she hates him so much because he’s different from other people or because she just can’t stand being around someone like him?

Annie breaks down crying and admits that she was afraid of Eren because she knew that they would end up fighting each other one day soon (because they’re both Titan Shifters). She tells him to remember what happened here today so that when they finally meet again in battle, it won’t hurt so much when one of them dies.

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Last modified: November 2, 2022