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Why Are Some Guitar Pickups Angled ?

The majority of electric guitar pickups are angled, and for good reason. The most common angle used on pickups is 40 degrees. Some manufacturers use different angles but they aren’t as common as the 40 degree angle.

The main reason why electric guitar pickups are angled is to reduce unwanted noise that can be caused by vibrations created by the strings. This is called microphonic feedback and it’s caused by a phenomenon known as sympathetic resonance.

When you strum a string on an acoustic guitar, it vibrates in both directions (in other words, it vibrates side to side). However, when you strum an electric guitar, there’s only one direction of vibration so this causes a problem when your pickup is mounted directly over your bridge because the vibrations from your bridge will cause unwanted noise when amplified through your amplifier (or other electric component).

To combat this issue, many manufacturers angle their pickups so that they are parallel to the strings instead of perpendicular like an acoustic guitar pickup would be mounted on an acoustic guitar body. This way there’s no side-to-side vibration and therefore no unwanted noise when amplified through your amp/other equipment.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022