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Why are Ontario And Quebec Called The Heartland Of Canada ?

The Heartland, or the Canadian Prairies, is a region of Canada that lies at the northernmost part of the country. The term “prairie” is used to refer to any area beyond the Great Lakes, but in this context it refers to an area between Alberta and Manitoba.

The region has a relatively dry climate and large expanses of flat land. It’s most famous for its wheat fields, which can be seen in many paintings by the Group of Seven artists.

The area is also home to many First Nations communities, who have lived here for thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

The Heartland is one of Canada’s most important agricultural regions. It produces large amounts of wheat, grain and other crops that are exported around the world. This makes it an important trading partner with countries like China and Japan that need food imports from other countries in order to feed their growing populations.

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Last modified: August 9, 2022