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Why Are Corvettes So Dangerous?

Corvettes are dangerous because they are fast and light. They are also made for racing and not for safety. Corvette drivers who take their cars to the track sometimes have to drive very fast and take corners at high speed. In fact, they have to be able to take the corner on two wheels and with the tires smoking.

When you drive a Corvette, you need to be careful when taking corners because these cars are not designed for this type of driving. The suspension is stiffer than what most people would expect and this results in less control over the car.

Corvette owners should also be aware of another problem with Corvettes: they can easily flip over during hard braking or sharp turns due to their low center of gravity. This is why it is so important for Corvette owners to wear safety belts at all times while driving.

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Last modified: September 24, 2022