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Why Are American Cars Bad ?

American cars are not bad. It’s just that they are different from what people expect from European or Japanese brands.

The biggest problem with American cars is that they are not as reliable as their European and Japanese counterparts. The average age of a car in America is 11 years, which is a long time for a machine that gets driven 20000 miles a year. This means that American cars have been built to be used for a long time and not necessarily to be repaired when something breaks down. When you buy an old American car you can expect it to be very expensive to repair if something goes wrong with it because it probably won’t be worth fixing.

Another thing people complain about when they buy new American cars is the quality of their interiors and exteriors. The interiors are often made out of plastic instead of leather or wood which makes them feel cheap and flimsy compared to European or Japanese cars. The exteriors also tend to look dated after only a few years because their designs do not change much over time unlike European or Japanese models which usually receive updates every year or two.

The other issue with buying an American car is that they tend to be very large and bulky which means they consume more fuel than smaller cars like.

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Last modified: August 17, 2022