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Why Am I Scared Of Moths?

I’m not sure why you’re afraid of moths, but I can give you some possible reasons that might be related.

1) Moths are associated with death and decay in many cultures.

2) Some moths are attracted to light and have a habit of flying into your house through open windows. This can be an unpleasant experience for anyone who has ever had this happen to them.

3) There are some very large moths that look quite frightening when they fly around your head at night. These include the giant silkworm moth (Saturnia pyri), which has a wingspan of up to eight inches, and the hummingbird moth (Euptoieta claudia).

4) Moths can fly up your nose or ears while you’re asleep, which can be scary if you happen to wake up while it’s happening!

5) There are many other types of insects that look similar to moths but aren’t actually moths at all – such as different types of flies and beetles – so if someone tells you there’s a “moth” in your room, it could actually be something completely different!

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Last modified: October 6, 2022