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Why Am I Bleeding After My Boyfriend Came In Me ?

It’s normal to bleed a little after sex. The hymen is the thin membrane that partly covers the opening of the vagina, and it usually tears when you have your first vaginal intercourse. It can also tear from fingering or other forms of vaginal play.

If you’ve never had vaginal intercourse before, it’s possible that you’re bleeding because your hymen isn’t fully developed or has been stretched by something else, like tampons or fingers.

If you’ve had sex before, you may be bleeding because your hymen tore during your last sexual experience. It’s also possible that the bleeding was caused by something else entirely unrelated to sex — like a urinary tract infection (UTI).

It’s important to check in with your healthcare provider if your vaginal bleeding doesn’t stop on its own after three days, especially if it’s accompanied by pain or discomfort. Bleeding that doesn’t stop within a week may be cause for concern as well, especially if it’s accompanied by symptoms such as fever, chills and lower abdominal pain.

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Last modified: August 2, 2022