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Who Is The Lightest Player In The Nba?

The NBA has always been a physical league, but it’s not just the players who make it so. The coaches and trainers are an important part of the game, too. They’re the ones who keep players healthy and ready to play at all times.

If you want to know what it takes to be an NBA trainer, you should read this article by Tim Keown at ESPN. He interviewed several trainers and found out why they do what they do.

Tim asked them how they felt about their jobs and what advice they had for other people who wanted to become trainers. Here’s what he found out:

The job can be stressful and stressful jobs cause stress in your life outside of work as well.

There aren’t many opportunities for advancement in this field because there aren’t many positions open for promotion.

You have to be willing to move around a lot if you want to advance your career because teams don’t usually promote from within; instead, they hire from outside of the organization every time there’s an opening for a new head trainer or assistant trainer position.

You need experience before getting hired by an NBA team because there aren’t many opportunities for entry-level positions in this field because there aren’t.

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Last modified: October 23, 2022