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Who Is Stronger Captain America Or Spiderman?

In this question, I am going to be comparing the strength of Captain America and Spiderman.

Both these characters are Marvel superheroes, but Captain America is a veteran of World War II while Spiderman is just an ordinary teenager. However, both are very powerful in their own ways.

Captain America has super strength, enhanced durability, and can jump long distances like Spiderman. He also has a shield that he can throw at his opponents as well as deflect any attack back at them. Spiderman has much better reflexes than Captain America and can climb walls like him too. He also has web shooters which allow him to shoot spiderwebs at his enemies and swing from place to place like Captain America’s shield does for him.

With all of these abilities in mind we can conclude that both characters are very strong in their own ways, but who would win if they fought each other? Well first off let’s take into account the fact that both superheroes have appeared in multiple films and television shows so there are many canon examples of both characters fighting each other out there for us to use as reference points when thinking about who would win between them in real life if they ever did get into combat with each other!

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Last modified: November 21, 2022