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Who bought Erlich’s house?

Erlich’s house was bought by a couple of people named Carl and Roberta. They’re in their 70s and live in the San Francisco area. They’re not techies, but they’ve been friends with Erlich for years. They love his sense of humor, which is why they were so happy to see him on the show. They also love his dog, Big Head.

Robert explained that she knows Erlich because he’s been dating her sister for 17 years now. She said that when her sister broke up with Erlich, he moved into her house for awhile because he didn’t want to move back into his old apartment after living there for so long.

She said she didn’t know what happened between him and Pied Piper until she saw the episode where Richard tells him that Pied Piper is moving out of the incubator building and into their own office space — while Erlich was at work! She felt bad for all of them because they were just trying to do their best work without wasting time on petty arguments like that one between Richard and Erlich over who got control of Hooli’s air conditioning unit during the heat wave last summer.”

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Last modified: July 30, 2022