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Which season of Bigg Boss is the best?

The first season of Bigg Boss was a huge hit and the show became a household name. It was also the first time that a reality show had made such an impact on Indian television.

The second season of Bigg Boss was also very successful but some people felt it wasn’t as good as the first season. The third season of Bigg Boss saw more contestants entering the house and it was more like a game show than a reality show. The fourth season was a return to form with all new contestants and no returning ones.

Season five saw new twists added to the format and it worked well for most of the contestants who made it to the final three. Season six had some great characters but failed to keep viewers interested because there were too many twists in the gameplay which were not explained properly on the screen.

Season seven saw another change in a format where there were no eliminations for three weeks straight, which meant that there were only two contestants left at any given point of time, while seasons four through six had three finalists at all times barring one week in season six when there were only two contestants left after three weeks of elimination rounds took place before they entered into week four .

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Last modified: August 10, 2022