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Which Lantern Corps Do You Belong To?

The Green Lantern Corps is a fictional interstellar law enforcement agency operated by the United Planets in the DC Comics Universe. They patrol the farthest reaches of space, including areas that are not within the jurisdiction of other corps.

Green Lanterns are given power rings, which have the ability to create any physical or energy construct that the wearer can imagine and control it. The rings are limited only by the imagination and willpower of their users.

The Green Lantern Corps began when a dying alien named Abin Sur crash landed on Earth, who was seeking a replacement for himself as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He found a worthy candidate in Hal Jordan, who became Earth’s first Green Lantern after receiving this power ring from Abin Sur before his death.

After being assigned to Space Sector 2814 (Earth’s sector), Hal Jordan would be promoted up through the ranks until finally becoming an administrator at Oa’s Central Power Battery. There he was eventually chosen to succeed Sinestro as Green Lantern for Earth’s sector; Jordan would be promoted again to Deputy Chief Administrator of the entire Corps, serving under then-Chief Guy Gardner until his retirement from active duty shortly after being promoted to full administrator status under Guy Gardner’s administration which lasted until he left.

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Last modified: November 18, 2022