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Which Capital City Is Closest To The Equator?

The closest capital city to the equator is Manaus, Brazil. It’s located on the northern bank of the Rio Negro, which forms part of the Amazon River. The city has an estimated population of 1.6 million people, making it the largest city in Brazil’s Amazonas state.

The second-closest capital city to the equator is Lima, Peru (it’s only about 6 miles away). Lima has a population of 9 million people and is located on the Pacific Ocean coast at an elevation of approximately 7 feet above sea level.

Third on this list is Quito in Ecuador, which is about 2 miles away from being right on top of the equator. Quito has a population of 1 million people and sits at an elevation of 9,200 feet above sea level.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022