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When Your Favorite Anime Character Dies?

When I was a kid, it was the most upsetting thing in the world. But now that I’m older, the death of a favorite anime character doesn’t seem so bad.

I’m not talking about characters who are killed off after just a few episodes or minutes of screen time, but rather characters who are given a full-length story arc and have actually died during that time. These deaths don’t necessarily have to be dramatic or sad; in fact, some of them are quite funny as well. But they do have to be believable within the context of their show’s world and story.

Here are some examples of when your favorite anime character dies:

1) In Ghost Stories, Mikey (the ghost) dies at the end of his first appearance by being crushed by a giant bookcase falling on him while trying to escape from his house after he accidentally turned on all lights in it. Afterward, his father (who is also his friend) tries to help him with no success until he finally finds out that Mikey can only be saved if he leaves the house for good by entering another dimension where there are no ghosts at all!

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Last modified: September 19, 2022