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When will The Inside season 2 come out?

The Inside season 2 has been confirmed. When it will air, however, is still unknown.

The first season of the Netflix series premiered on May 4, 2019, and concluded on July 10. While fans did not have to wait too long for new episodes to arrive, the second season won’t premiere until 2020 at the earliest.

According to Netflix’s release schedule, there are no upcoming seasons of The Inside listed. However, that doesn’t mean the show has been cancelled — just that nothing has been confirmed yet. If Netflix does decide to renew The Inside for a second season, we should be able to expect it sometime in 2020 or later.

Netflix has traditionally released its new seasons around May and September each year but that hasn’t always been the case with all their shows (like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). So if you’re looking for more information about when The Inside season 2 might premiere or if it’s happening at all, check back here as we update this article with any relevant news as soon as it becomes available!

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Last modified: August 10, 2022