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When Did Naruto And Kurama Become Friends?

naruto and kurama become friends in the chunin exams when kurama is sealed into naruto by the fourth hokage. they are now inseparable, and they have a lot of similarities. they both have a problem with their fathers, who are both dead. naruto’s father was the fourth hokage, and their father was madara uchiha.

when naruto was a kid, he always wanted to be acknowledged by his father. he thought that if he could get stronger, then his father would love him more than sasuke. however, this was not true. after being trained by jiraiya, naruto began to realize that strength wasn’t everything and that love came from within yourself not from others.

kurama also had a similar situation with his father madara uchiha. before madara died he told kurama that he didn’t need the help of anyone because he would become strong one day so that no one could take advantage of him ever again! unfortunately for kurama this didn’t happen because after madara died he was taken prisoner by orochimaru and experimented on until he couldn.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022