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When A Woman Looks Another Woman Up And Down?

When a woman looks another woman up and down, she is checking out her competition. She is trying to decide if that girl is worthy of her attention.

There are two kinds of women who are doing this:

The first kind of woman is someone who wants to be with you and sees the other girl as a threat. This woman knows that if she doesn’t show interest in you, then you’re likely to go after the other girl instead. So she’s trying to let you know she’s interested so that you’ll come back to her.

The second kind of woman has no interest in you at all. She just wants to make sure that she looks better than that other girl so that if the two of them happen to cross paths again, they won’t both be vying for your attention at once.

These women will spend time looking each other over from head-to-toe and up-and-down again, sizing themselves up as well as each other for comparison’s sake (usually because they think it makes them look better than they really are). They may even engage in some verbal sparring with each other.

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Last modified: October 14, 2022